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The packages below reflect the current pricing for the Warmane's Medivh TBC 2.4.3 x1 (Player Versus Player) realm of the Warmane WoW servers. Gold is be available for both the Alliance & Horde.

Update 3rd October 2017:
We are further improving the cost of our Medivh gold services and the prices now are on the record low - 1000g is just $49.90!

100 Gold
$5.99 USD (about €4.57 EUR)

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$9.98 USD (about €8.92 EUR)

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300 Gold
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500 Gold
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750 Gold
$37.4 USD (about €44.5 EUR)

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1000 Gold
$49.9 USD (about €66.9 EUR)

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1500 Gold
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3000 Gold
$149 USD (about €178 EUR)

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Medivh TBC Realm Info

Warmane's Medivh TBC 2.4.3 Progressive x1 Realm - Warmane WoW Private Server Medivh is the "hard mode" Warmane's TBC server. Announced and released few days after their success with their first Burning Crusade realm - Outland, which boasts over 13000 players at all times, with thousands more waiting in the queue. The need for such server was quickly recognized by the Warmane developers - Outland turned unexpectedly well and without any game breaking flaws, so they were able to launch Medivh within two days, after their initial announcement was released on the forums.

Players will start from level 1 through 70, and the leveling rates will remain Blizzlike x1 due to popular demand from the Warmane TBC community. Everything else - gold & item drop rate will remain x1. Warmane seems to be following the same pattern as with the Icecrown & Lordaeron release.

Older Medivh TBC News

Update 27th May 2017:
Medivh Gold was launched. Even though you can purchase Medivh gold from this very page, is an unique website dedicated only for the new TBC realm.

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