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Available Gold Packages for Outland

The Outland gold price was last updated today, 19th January 2022 (EU Time).
Gold is available for both Alliance & Horde. 1000g now costs €3.99 - down from €4.95.

1500 Gold
$5.99 USD

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2500 Gold
$9.99 USD

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3000 Gold
$11.97 USD

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4000 Gold
$15.96 USD

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5000 Gold
$19.95 USD

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7500 Gold
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10000 Gold
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15000 Gold
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20000 Gold
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30000 Gold
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Update 21st September 2021:
It has been 4 full years since Warmane Outland was launched. Today it feels like the realm is "expired" with few players hanging on it, but for all BC fans - Blizzard announced it's release of the Burning Crusade Classic version. On our partner site, Gold4Vanilla, you can buy TBC gold, or, if you are playing the new Amazon Games MMO, visit our New World Coins page.

Update 15th September 2011:
You might wish to check Frozen Throne - a new WotLK realm.

Update: 2nd June 2021: List of services for all WoW TBC Classic EU servers: Amnennar Alliance Gold / Ashbringer Alliance Gold / Auberdine Alliance Gold / Bloodfang Alliance Gold / Celebras Alliance Gold / Chromie Alliance Gold / Dragon's Call Alliance Gold / Dragonfang Alliance Gold / Dreadmist Alliance Gold / Earthshaker Alliance Gold / Everlook Alliance Gold / Finkle Alliance Gold / Firemaw Alliance Gold / Flamegor Alliance Gold / Flamelash Alliance Gold / Gandling Alliance Gold / Gehennas Alliance Gold / Golemagg Alliance Gold / Harbinger of Doom Alliance Gold / Heartstriker Alliance Gold / Hydraxian Waterlords Alliance Gold / Judgement Alliance Gold / Lakeshire Alliance Gold / Lucifron Alliance Gold / Mandokir Alliance Gold / Mirage Raceway Alliance Gold / Mograine Alliance Gold / Nethergarde Keep Alliance Gold / Noggenfogger Alliance Gold / Patchwerk Alliance Gold / Pyrewood Village Alliance Gold / Razorfen Alliance Gold / Razorgore Alliance Gold / Rhok'delar Alliance Gold / Shazzrah Alliance Gold / Skullflame Alliance Gold / Stonespine Alliance Gold / Sulfuron Alliance Gold / Ten Storms Alliance Gold / Transcendence Alliance Gold / Venoxis Alliance Gold / Wyrmthalak Alliance Gold / Zandalar Tribe Alliance Gold /

Update 23th July 2020:
Atlantiss is releasing a new TBC WoW Server called Karazhan, highly anticipated. You can buy Atlantiss Gold - from our partner site Gold4Vanilla.

Update 10th April 2019:
The Pricing for Outland Gold goes down. 1000g now costs €3.99, down from €4.95. We had to prolong this update because our team was updating thegold for Frosthold on our network, as well as adding more accounts for Netherwing(Atlantiss).

Major Update 25th January 2018:
Medivh & Outland are finally merged into one realm. We updated our website to reflect this, and removed the respective Medivh pages in order to avoid confusion. 80+ Outland Accounts listed for sale, almost all class/race combinations are available.

Outland is the latest realm released by Warmane. The initial announcement was started on 1st of April as an April's fools joke, but it was confirmed as true on the next day. Outland was in development for well over a year behind Warmane's scenes. It is the first TBC (the Burning Crusade) 2.4.3 to be launched by Warmane, after their massive success with their Wrath of the Lich King realms, mainly Icecrown and Lordaeron. The realm's rates are x5 and content will be released progressively.

Outland Warmane TBC Launch Date Gold4Outland is just another V7 website launched to offer services for Warmane's realms. Our packages are always carefully tailored to the contemporary realm economics. Gold is farmed by hand mainly by our in-house farmers and network partners. We never endorse exploiters or cheaters, always aiming for the safety of our customer accounts.

If you are a gold farmer on Outland or Medivh and want to join our network, please take a look at this page. If you are buying gold for the first time, you can see how things work here.

FAQ - for using Gold4Outland's services

1. How fast is the gold delivered?

- We strive for super fast delivery, always. Most of our orders are delivered within the first 10-15 minutes of purchase. If we are not online, we will deliver the gold as soon as we log in-game.

2. Is the Outland gold pricing balanced?

- Yes, considering it is still considered fresh TBC realm x5 rates. Outland's gold pricing will always be adjusted to the current server economics. We are not willing to risk by providing cheaper gold farmed by bots.

3. Is it safe to trade gold on Outland?

- Always and forever. We do multiple precautions before finally delivering the gold to you. Our farmed gold in stocked on multiple accounts, protected with several layers of VPN security.

4. Do you provide refunds?

- Due to previous experiences with scam artists, refunds are only provided if we fail to deliver the purchased gold to you within 24 hours. If we fail to make a delivery, just send us an e-mail requesting your refund.

Customer testimonials for our services on Warmane

20K gold for Black Temple Outland

Ivan Tsygankov ivan***** (19th January 2018)

2x 10000g packages were sent to my toon within 15 minutes, preparing for The Black Temple :p

Love my 3300 GS Shaman

Tim Mykola mikolae***** (2nd December 2017)

I baught mine 3300 GS Shaman, what to say i LOVE it

Fresh toon addiction

Sam Kirsch rvideo2233***** (30th September 2017)

I became addicted to buying new toons every week, think i'll start with the special ones with the next purchase...

Biggest Medivh packages with bonus

Clemence Jardim gionni***** (8th September 2017)

The team behind Gold4Outland has supplied me and my guildies with gold during the entire summer, the biggest Medivh packages were always delivered on-time, and sometimes with some added bonus

Level 70 Orc Shaman - Medivh Special Account

Samuel Aydelotte sami92** (26th August 2017)

Bought a Medivh Special Account - Level 70 Orc Shaman with Resto/DPS gear - i really love it!!

PreOrder for Felmyst - Powerleveling

William Rudman ruthi***** (19th July 2017)

Pre-ordered a powerleveling package for Felmyst for me and my friends - Gold4Outland team won my trust

More than 10000g

Tim Nolle timito***** (4th July 2017)

Bought one of those special accounts with characters on both Medivh and Outland, i am really satisfied with it!

More than 10000g

Alex Crom**** ommagu**** (19th June 2017)

Already purchased over 5 x 2000g packages, the bonus i got was amazing, it makes the gameplay so fun :P

Sixth purchase in a row with bonus

Gren Alisois pamgarza**** (7th June 2017)

This is my sixth purchase in a row and Gold4Outland provided me with some nice bonus

2000 gold for fast flying mount

Rashid Mohamud mokhi**** (2nd June 2017)

Lacked 2000 golds for the fast flying mount, Gold4Outland lended me a hand - thanks

Gold buying is so addictive

Austin Fortin fortitude55**** (27th May 2017)

Didn't know that gold buying is so addictive. I'm using Gold4Outland everyday now and receiving some nice bonuses as well :)

Outland server first

Colin Herridge herigga112**** (21th May 2017)

Outland server first buyer :P bought 300g, got them in 10 minutes!

45k in 5 minutes, 5k in a hour (Icecrown 3.3.5 Realm)

Austin Jennings oustee**** (5th April 2017)

Sent a payment for 50000 golds! Got 45000 in 5 minutes and the rest followed in about a hour! Legit seller!

100k every week (Icecrown 3.3.5 Realm)

Oliver Miranda olimr**** (2nd February 2017)

Gold4Icecrown is my to-go site when i need Icecrown gold. Buying more than 100k every week.

3rd purchase in handful of days (Lordaeron 3.3.5 Realm)

Martin Rhoda martrho***** (2nd January 2017)

This is my third purchase within a handful of days - surprised to see that Gold4Lordaeron works even for the New Year Celebrations :D

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